Watercolor Painting “Sea and Shore” with Susie Short at the Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Store

 Saturday, June 21 FREE Demo at the Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Store Watercolor Painting: “Sea & Shore” With Susie Short ****     Watercolor Artist Susie Short was at the DANIEL SMITH  Store in Bellevue last Saturday for one of the weekly FREE DANIEL SMITH demonstrations . Susie’s theme for the the watercolor painting demo was “Sea and Shore” to give some insight and techniques on painting the shore for the 11am demo, and the second demo at 1:45 was tips on painting waves … Continue reading

Sumi Painting with Yuming Zhu, Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Yuming Zhu - SUMI Painting demo 6-14-08

***  Saturday June 14th FREE Demo at the  Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store SUMI:  Sumi-Lotus Breeze Yuming Zhu Yuming Zhu began with a good basic introduction to the materials used for Sumi Painting. He briefly talked about the brushes used such as the Jade Bamboo Brush and Rattail Fine Line Brush and what characteristics each type of brush brings to the painting. Other materials such as the rice paper; Best Shuan, and Double Shuan, that is used, how it works with the … Continue reading

Eastside Association of Fine Arts Member Show at the Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Gallery

EFAA show at the Bellevue Store 2008

   This month, the DANIEL SMITH Store in Bellevue is hosting an Art Show featuring members of the Eastside Association of Fine Arts in the Store’s Gallery. The EAFA members’ work was hung the last week, and will be up through June 28th, so be sure to stop in at the Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Store to enjoy the show!   The EAFA is currently having it’s 2008 Member Only Show at Trilogy of Redmond Ridge, May 31 to June 26, 2008       … Continue reading

Painting Flowers in Watercolor Demonstration with Kay Barnes at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Kay Barnes 6-7-08

 Last Saturday’s FREE weekend demo at the DANIEL SMTH Seattle Store was with watercolor artist Kay Barnes . Kay began the demo with a very lively chat about her background, and some of her painting philosophy. Kay is not only an expressive artist, she is also a very expressive teacher, and here are a few of the things she said to us during the demonstration:     “…it’s just a piece of paper, not canvas you have to stretch and … Continue reading

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