Botanical Artist Linda Ann Vorobik, Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

 Last Saturday, for the FREE weekend demo at the DANIEL SMITH Store in Seattle, Botanist and Artist Linda Ann Vorobik gave a talk and demonstration on Botanical Illustration. Linda, well known for her Botanical Illustrations in reference books such as The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California , gave a through (as through as a person can do in an hour!) introduction to basic Botanical Illustration. Linda Ann Vorobik , who has an extensive education and professional expertise in Botany, has … Continue reading

Watercolor and Walnut Ink Painting and Drawing Demonstration with Marianne Perkins at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

 The FREE weekend demonstration at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store last Saturday was with Watercolor and Walnut Ink Artist Marianne Perkins . Marianne talked about and showed the group lots of her tips for working with Walnut Ink with different tools and on different kinds of papers. Papers like Arches Watercolor , Vellum, Bristol Board (favorite), really most types of papers. She has also done mono-prints with Walnut Ink on to printmaking paper. Some of Marianne’s tips were: Do not use … Continue reading

DANIEL SMITH Artists’ Materials: “Best of the City” as Listed in Julys’ SEATTLE Metropolitan Magazine

 While looking through my copy of this months SEATTLE Metropolitan Magazine , and checking out their “Best of the City” lists, I found a nice surprise when I saw DANIEL SMITH listed! Under “shopping and Style” on page 109, under “Craft Supplies” (OK, that should be Artist Materials or Supplies!) there we were! I know, and you know, that DANIEL SMITH Artists’ Materials is the BEST Art Supply Store, and it’s always nice to be recognized by others too. The link to … Continue reading

Landscape Painting in Pastels with Jerry Baldwin. Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

 Last Saturday, July 5th, one of the FREE weekend demos at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store was with Landscape Artist Jerry Baldwin . Jerry was demonstrating some of his tips for painting Landscapes with Pastels . First, Jerry likes to pre-paint in watercolor on Wallis Sanded Paper , the basic shapes, and colors he sees in the landscape he will be doing in pastel. It has excellent “tooth” for the pastel and heavy enough not to buckle when the watercolor paint … Continue reading

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