Special “Hands On” Event Featuring DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks with Annie Van Engelen

Annie Van Engelen demonstrating the new DANIEL SMITH ExtraFine Watercolor Sticks at a Special "Hands On" Event

There was a time machine at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store yesterday when Annie Van Engelen was conducting a “Hands On” special event & demo for the new DANIEL SMITH ExtraFine Watercolor Sticks …that took everyone back to kindergarten!    The new DS Watercolor Sticks seem to bring out the playfulness in people when using them, and there was a cheerful, sense of fun when everyone began playing with the Watercolor Sticks.  People were at the tables with paper trying … Continue reading

Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store Digital Print Center Now Open!

DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store

The Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store has just opened their new Digital Print Center!  To quote the brochure which says:  “Our new Print Center equipment is designed for both original artwork and digital photography”   Last night was the Reception to launch our new service and it was a hit!  I missed the festivities (and there were SNACKS!) but from what I heard from those that were there, was that the store was full of people, so many that some of … Continue reading

WATERCOLOR: Structures, Space, & Shadows with Katherine Wright. Demonstration at DANIEL SMITH Artists’ Materials

Katherine Wright Demonstration at DANIEL SMITH  WATERCOLOR: Structures, Space, & Shadows

Last Saturday’s FREE demo at the DANIEL SMITH  Seattle Store had Katherine Wright sharing her insights into creating space in her watercolor paintings with structures and shadows.   Katherine began the demo talking about the effects of light falling on structures (both natural and man made) and how shadows from those structures create a sense of space.  Katherine said that it is important to learn that; ” Understanding what light is so we can understand it as Artists.”  This is an important … Continue reading

Happy Birthday DANIEL SMITH Artists’ Materials Blog!

Happy Birthday DANIEL SMITH Blog!

Today is the first anniversary of the DANIEL SMITH Blog!     When I wrote “Welcome to the Daniel Smith Blog !” a year ago today, we started on another blog platform (Blogspot.com) to give blogging a try.  After a few months we began the process of building a custom blog, and eventually I moved over all the original posts to this blog, those posts you will see at the bottom: “Originally Published….” and a link to the original blog post.   I am so … Continue reading

Just in time for Spring….DANIEL SMITH is introducing our new DANIEL SMITH ExtraFine Watercolor Sticks!

Introducing DANIEL SMITH ExtraFine Watercolor Sticks!

Our new DANIEL SMITH ExtraFine Watercolor Sticks are very portable and are a great alternative solution to tube watercolor paints.  These are made with the same high quality pigments as our regular DANIEL SMITH ExtraFine Watercolors and with just enough gum Arabic to form the pigment into a solid, easy to hold, stick.    To introduce them, we have them in a 6 stick pack for $68.95.  The colors are:  Hansa Yellow Medium,  Quinacridone Coral,  Sap Green,  French Ultramarine,  Burnt … Continue reading

Watercolor – Fragmented Flowers with Darlene Lucas. Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

Darlene Lucas demonstrating more of her extensive techniques at the DANIEL SMITH Store in Seattle

Today’s FREE demo at DANIEL SMITH  Seattle Store was with Darlene Lucas showing everyone her many ways of painting using watercolor paints’  unique qualities of transparency , and granulation as her first layer.  Then she incorporates many other different art materials into her paintings.  Everyone who attended today’s demo learned multiple ways to creatively paint.    Darlene told us that painting on Ampersand Claybord is currently her passion because its’ surface allows her a lot of freedom to work in many different ways.  She likes the smooth … Continue reading

WATERCOLOR: Make Everyday a Painting with Theresa Goesling & Cindy Briggs. Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

Cindy Briggs talking about watercolor paper pad while Theresa Goesling paints at the DANIEL SMITH Demo

The FREE demo last Saturday, Watercolor: Make Everyday a Painting at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH had a full house to watch and learn from both Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs.  Their demo was also a full house of ideas to take away!    It was fun watching them do tag team paintings at the same time, one working on her painting, while the other was talking about another technique to try.  As they pointed out, while they both have rather different watercolor … Continue reading

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