The New Revere Papers from Cartiera Magnani are now available at DANIEL SMITH

New Revere Papers from Cartiera Magnani now available at DANIEL SMITH: Artists

  Some of the exciting new art supply items we have new in our DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Referance Catalog are Revere Papers from Cartiera Magnani.  These fine art papers are new this Summer from the Cartiera Magnani paper mills in Pescia Italy: “The Magnani paper mills are among the oldest in the world dating back to the 15th century, producing papers for a vast list of clients, including Napoleon, Picasso, Fontana, de Chirico, Salvatore Fiume, Annagoni, Morandi, Viani, Possenti, D’Annunzio … Continue reading

Bonjour Sennelier Acrylique! Sennelier’s New Acrylic Paints now available at DANIEL SMITH!

Bonjour Sennelier Acryliques!  Now available at DANIEL SMITH: Artists

  Bonjour Sennelier Acrylique!   Sennelier, with their history and tradition of making high quality Art Materials (pastels & oils) has now made an entrance into the Acrylic Paint world with their new Sennelier Acrylique Paints.  The paints have only just been made available to the U.S. this summer, and DANIEL SMITH is one of the first to offer them in our new DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog.   The Sennelier Marketing for their new Acrylique shows an acrylic painting of a fanciful, luscious … Continue reading

How to Paint with Encaustics with John Vandebrooke: Last Sundays’ FREE Art Demo at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Encaustic Painting demo with John Vandebrooke at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Last Sunday’s FREE Art demo at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store was How To Paint in Encaustic with John Vandebrooke.  It was fascinating to see how wide a creative net John casts when incorporating materials and methods for his Encaustic Paintings.   John works in the European way working with hot tools rather than the older method of using a brush dipped into melted wax.  John first introduced us to some of the art supplies that he uses:  a special … Continue reading

New Yuze Chiyogami Papers Now Available at DANIEL SMITH: Artists’ Materials

Yuzen Chiyogami and Shizen papers on display at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

In our new DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog we have 15 new patterns of Yuzen Chiyogami papers for you to use in your Art projects.    Historically these lovely patterns were painstakingly carved onto multiple woodblocks, one for each color, and hand printed onto fabric for kimonos, or onto paper for paper dolls or small paper boxes.  Today, the brilliant colors are silkscreened, each color separately, onto strong kozo/sulphite paper with crisp detailed patterns making the gorgeous papers.  These lush papers can be … Continue reading

Introducing Canson Infinity Digital Fine Art Reproduction Papers: Now at DANIEL SMITH

Canson Infinity Inkjet Digital Fine Art Papers

This past last week of July in preparation for our new DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog, we had product training with Reps from Canson to show us their new Canson Infinity Papers: the “Best Paper now becomes the Best Inkjet Receptive Paper“.   These Canson Infinity Inkjet Fine Art and Photographic Papers have recently been developed (over a period of several years) for “Technical Excellence” in Archival Fine Art Reproductions.  Canson has developed these Digital Art Papers using their famous archival printmaking paper … Continue reading

Have You Got Yours Yet? The DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog is HERE!

DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog with Kristina Hagman woodblock print "Night" on the Cover

Artists’ Mailboxes the past few days have been a source of delight as Artists have discovered their new DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog amongst ordinary mail.  Our new DS Catalog will continue to be arriving in the mailboxes of everyone who is on our mailing list, so have You Got Yours Yet?  If it’s because you are not yet on our mailing list, then you can request a catalog on our website.  This year we are “Honoring the Past” with Articles written … Continue reading

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