DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors and DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Stick Extravaganza!

DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolor and Watercolor Stick Extravaganza: Special "Hand On" event to them "Try Out"

This past weekend we had a Special, FREE “Hands On” Art Event, our DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors and DS Extra Fine Watercolor Stick Extravaganza!    Instead of our regular FREE “How To” Weekend Art demos at our Seattle Store and Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Stores this past weekend, we offered one of our Special “Hands On” Art Events.  These “Hands On” Events allow everyone who attends the opportunity to try out the Art Supplies featured at the Event.    The Seattle Store had … Continue reading

“How To” Art Demo: Painting Holiday Cards in Watercolor with Susie Short

Susie Short - Painting Holiday Cards with Watercolors

Recently one of our FREE “How To” Art demos at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store was Painting Holiday Cards in Watercolor with Susie Short.   As always with Susie’s demos, there were a lot of people there to see what “Susie Tips” would be shared to make gorgeous (and easy!) Holiday Cards.  Susie had out on display, two large boards with nearly 50 different Holiday cards that she had painted.  On the right were the winter snow scenes of trees, and on the … Continue reading

DANIEL SMITH Kyanite Genuine Watercolor + Video

Kyanite Genuine Watercolor by DANIEL SMITH

Kyanite Genuine, a DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor is also part of our DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek collection of paints.   PrimaTek paints are made from minerals finely ground into pigments and mixed into paints.  Throughout history paints were made from naturally occurring minerals, and our PrimaTek paints continue that tradition.    Our Kyanite Genuine is made from Kyanite, the name is based on a Greek word for dark blue or blue enamel, and one of it’s many uses is as a gemstone.  At DANIEL SMITH, we use … Continue reading

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