Burnt Bronzite Genuine, a PrimaTek Extra Fine Watercolor by DANIEL SMITH, plus Video


DANIEL SMITH Burnt Bronzite Genuine, a PrimaTek Extra Fine Watercolor

Burnt Bronzite Genuine Watercolor

Burnt Bronzite Genuine is one of our DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek, Extra Fine Watercolors which are paints made from ground minerals.   Burnt Bronzite Genuine is made from the mineral Bronzite that has been heat treated to darken the mineral, then finely ground for pigment and made into our exciting paints as you’ll see in the video below.  Besides the paint we make from Burnt Bronzite and Bronzite, the Bronzite mineral is also used for jewelry, particularly beads and polished cabochon set in silver.

The Bronzite mineral when heated to high temperatures, turns from it’s natural, golden honey or bronze color to a reddish, more coppery color.  You can see in the side-by-side photo below how the the two colors; Burnt Bronzite Genuine and our Bronzite Genuine compare to one another.

Burnt Bronzite Geniune & Bronzite Genuine

Burnt Bronzite Geniune & Bronzite Genuine
Side by side color comparison
DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Extra Fine Watercolors

Burnt Bronzite Genuine is a warm, reddish brown and has a slight, lustrous sparkle to it that lends a bit of luminosity to the color when painting, perfect for skin tones, fur and feathers.  Those organic subjects benefit from the hint of luster as they naturally reflect light.  As with almost all of our PrimaTek watercolors, Burnt Bronzite Geniune has exciting granulation and is a wonderful landscape color.  It’s watercolor paint properties are:

  • Lightfastness: Excellent

  • Staining: Non-Staining

  • Granulating: Yes

  • Transparency: Transparent

Please enjoy our Bronzite Genuine Video!

If you already have our Burnt Bronzite Genuine, how do you use it in your paintings?

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