Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs Demonstrate in Video, Painting with DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint

Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling from Make Every Day A, have been fans of DANIEL SMITH for years and, as professional artists and international watercolor workshop instructors, they both paint and teach with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors.  What was missing on their palettes was a color that could quickly and easily, tone down colors and make rich darks, a color that “neutralizes” other colors.Theresa and Cindy asked DANIEL SMITH to develop a neutral tint, a color that has been used for … Continue reading

INKSMITH: Designing and Painting Semi-abstractions: The Close-Focus Watercolors of Karlyn Holman by Diana Randolph

  “Designing and Painting Semi-abstractions: The Close-Focus Watercolors of Karlyn Holman” by Diana Randolph What can artists paint when they love both realism and abstraction?  Karlyn Holman suggests blending these two styles to create semi-abstract paintings. When this Wisconsin artist sees her painting developing too closely toward realism she focuses more on the elements of design, using shape, color, value, texture and line. Movement also plays an important role in her work. And when her painting looks too abstract, she … Continue reading

Mitchell Albala Book Signing & Demo at DANIEL SMITH Art Supply: “Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice”

Mitchell Albala reading from his book: "Landscape Painting" at DANIEL SMITH Art Supply in Seattle

Our recent FREE demo at DANIEL SMITH Art Supply Store in Seattle with Mitchell Albala had a full house of Artists wanting to learn some tips from Mitchell during the demonstration, and who wanted Mitchell to sign their copy of his new Book: “Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice“.    BTW – There is another FREE demo scheduled for April 25th, 2010 details below. For this demo, Mitchell used a B&W photo, “Working from a B&W … Continue reading

“Getting Unstuck” with Katherine Wright: Ideas to Motivate You for Painting

Katherine Wright asking: "How are you stuck?"

“How do you find yourself STUCK?”  This was the question that Katherine Wright posed at a recent FREE demo at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Art Supply Store to the Artists attending the demo.  Answers ranged from “what to paint” (the anxiety of facing the white page) to “finding the motivation to paint”.  Looking around the room I saw lots of nodding heads agreeing with the answers voiced.    Katherine then asked, “Why is it that we feel as Artists, [that] … Continue reading

Molly Hashimoto’s Watercolor Travel Journal Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

Molly Hashimoto

Molly Hashimoto was at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH recently for one of our FREE “How To” weekend demos.  She was demonstrating her very popular Watercolor Travel Journal tips and techniques to a packed room, and a VERY interested audience. Molly began keeping Travel Journals in 1998, and told us that: “The time spent drawing in your Journal while looking at your subject is more meaningful than just taking photos – you slow down time this way”.  At the second demo … Continue reading

A HOT Labor Day at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store with Hamid Zavareei Demonstrating Encaustic (Hot Wax) Painting!

Hamid Zavareei Encautic Demo on Labor Day at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

It was actually a cool Labor Day in Seattle, but it was warm in the demo room from the HOT Wax for our FREE Encaustic demo at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store with Hamid Zavareei.  It was interesting to see two artists (the FREE demo with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch the day before) two days in a row showing how they work (differently) in the same hot wax medium: Encaustic.     Hamid Zavareei (who is an instructor at Gage Art Academy) was presenting … Continue reading

Drawing & Painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks: “How To” Tips with Natalie Oswald

Peacock by Natalie Oswald created using DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks

In our DANIEL SMITH Summer Sale Catalog with “Reflecting” by Luke J. Tornatzky on the cover, we had an excellent article by Natalie Oswald with Tips on “How To” use the DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks.  I am sharing that article here since right now that article is not available on the site.   Like many artists, I am continuously looking for new and exciting materials to broaden my artistic horizons.  Although the staples in my studio always have their … Continue reading

Plein Air Painting at Yosemite with Watercolor Artist John Finger and his DANIEL SMITH Pack Chair!

John Finger

Yesterday I received a direct message on Twitter from Watercolor Artist John Finger at sharing his wonderful photo of his Plein Air set up for painting Half Dome in Yosemite with his DANIEL SMITH Pack Chair.  John told me that; “I love my DS chair. I’m pretty sure the lizard helps me paint.”   [me:  *LoL *  at that statement!]   John was kind enough to allow me to share it with you all today…so enjoy!  Since tomorrow is the First Day of … Continue reading

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