Introducing DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint Extra Fine Watercolor!

DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint  Extra Fine Watercolor

Neutral Tint
Extra Fine Watercolor

We’d like to introduce our new DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint Extra Fine Watercolor and show you a video of our Neutral Tint being used to darken and tone down colors!

We developed our Neutral Tint at the suggestion of two watercolor artists, Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling who teach their MakeEveryDayAPainting Watercolor Workshops here in the Pacific Northwest and abroad in Europe.  DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint Extra Fine Watercolor

What is Neutral Tint? 

It’s a quick and reliable way to create rich, luminescent colorful darks and neutrals in one easy step, maximizing the effectiveness of your palette. This is a great tool for the seasoned watercolorist, as well as the beginner to intermediate painter.

Neutral tint has been used for a couple of centuries by watercolor artists to quickly darken and tone down colors.  The artists used to make their own using 3 colors combined together to make a neutral gray, neither warm nor cool, then mixing that with the color they wished to darken or tone down.  It took precise mixing to achieve that perfect neutral gray, and now you don’t have to, we’ve made it convenient for you in a tube!

On the color chart, you can see 12 of our DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors mixed with our DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint and the Neutral Tint by itself at the top

Neutral Tint Color Chart

Neutral Tint Color Chart


You can see some of the beautiful colors that can be made when mixing a watercolor with the Neutral Tint.





Please watch our video to see how, with our Neutral Tint, you can easily create visually pleasing rich, luminescent colorful darks and neutrals in watercolor with one easy step!

Adding our Neutral Tint to your watercolors allows you to:

  • *  Quickly and reliably darken a color and keep it’s transparency.
  • Get gorgeous glowing darks when mixing with Neutral Tint rather than muddy colors.
  • *  It tones down colors.
  • *  Helpful for beginning artists to enjoy painting with watercolors without worrying about muddying their colors, and convenient for experienced artists too!
  • *  Makes lovely, colorful shadows when mixed with colors
  • *  When working with a limited palette, Neutral Tint is a great choice because it is the complement to every color!
  • *  Great for travel sketching when palette space is limited, and still be able to create a good range of colors.
  • *  Reliably darkens a color like using the color’s complement – without having to use the exact complement.
  • *  And it is wonderful alone for quick value sketches.

We know you’ll love adding this color to your palette, it quickly and easily expands your palette range! 

DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint:

  • Excellent lightfast rating
  • Non-granulating
  • Low-staining
  • Semi-transparent watercolor

That’s Neutral Tint, Extra Fine Watercolor by DANIEL SMITH!

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