Mt Rainier and DANIEL SMITH at Dusk

DANIEL SMITH sign with Mt Rainier bathed in Alpenglow pink to the right of the sign

Yesterday’s blog post was about Kristina Hagman’s show: “36 Views of Mt Rainier” and her capturing in expressive woodblock prints, how Mt Rainier is always part of the landscape for those living in Seattle and the Puget Sound.  You see Mt Rainier framed by “where-you-are-right-now” and it’s always present like the sky….

Well…Mt Rainier also watches over our DANIEL SMITH Art Supply building in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle….
I took these photos later the same day that I had met Kristina at Kinsey Gallery, so Mt Rainier was on my mind as I was leaving my office at DANIEL SMITH, driving south over the bridge above DANIEL SMITH, and there it was….Mt Rainier!
Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store with Mt Rainier at dusk

Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store with Mt Rainier at dusk

Mt Rainier was glowing pink bathed in the alpenglow of the setting sun on Friday March 5th.  You can see it above the roof of the DANIEL SMITH building and at the base of our sign:  DANIEL SMITH: Artists’ Materials…you can just make it out – Mt Rainier!

 It was so beautiful, I had to stop and take some photos to share with you!
Every Day,  Express Yourself  with  ART….
~Deborah Burns
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Mt Rainier and DANIEL SMITH at Dusk — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing, Deborah! I’ve just gotten serious about my artwork again after a long hiatus (33 yrs of railroading in Wyoming). I saw many amazing displays of alpenglow over the years on the rock formations in my town of Green River. Now that I’m back in the Northwest I occasionally get to see our wounded St. Helens bathed in the reddish light. Learning to paint alpenglow in watercolor is one of my many goals. Have a great weekend! Beau

    • Hi Robert!

      Thank you for stopping by to let me know, and glad you like the photos.
      Very cool about your experiences with alpenglow. The pink of alpenglow on mountains would be a wonderful subject in watercolors!
      Excellent that you are inspired to return to working with watercolors again, have fun painting!