October Monthly Voting Gallery Winners, part of our 11th Annual DANIEL SMITH Art Contest!


11th Annual Art Contest

Congratulations to the October Monthly Voting Gallery Contest Winners, part of our 11th Annual DANIEL SMITH Art Contest!  We want to share with you, the 1st set of Monthly Contest Winners for our 11th Annual Art Contest in this slideshow showcasing their Artwork.

Each of these winners will receive a $50 DANIEL SMITH Gift Certificate! We had 21 winners from our October Monthly Voting Gallery (these were voted on from winners from the September Weekly Voting Galleries) and we would like to share them with you in this slideshow.

These monthly winners will continue to the next level of our Art Contest.  At this next level, we have a panel of judges who will be judging the winners to determine the Annual Winners, Second Prize, and the Grand Prize Winner.  All the winners from all the upcoming Monthly Voting Galleries through May 2013, will be judged together for these prizes:

  • Up to 10 Annual Prizes – a $250 DANIEL SMITH Gift Certificate
  • Second Prize – Full Studio (The Super Shawn Taboret)
  • Grand Prize – Trip for 2 to Seattle, and Full Studio (The Super Shawn Taboret)

To enter and find out more about our 11th Annual DANIEL SMITH Art Contest, and see winners from previous years, please visit DANIELSMITH.com by clicking HERE

Here are the winners in slideshow order:

  • Denise Klitsie – Eagle Peak
  • Carmen Gardner  – Mea Hula (The Dancer)
  • Barbara Nilsson – Apparitions
  • Haley Ping – Bird on Plum Branch
  • Brenda Raub – The Artist’s Thumbprint
  • Cari Corene – Naches Coyote
  • Sasha Grumman – The Palace Phoenix
  • Emily McIlroy – Between Two Waters II
  • Darlisa Riggs – Chester
  • Carmen Gardner – Bubba
  • Billie Crain – A Cat of Color
  • Nicolette Maw – Modern Times Violin
  • Candace Millsop – Blue Kayak
  • Cynthia Shalls – just me
  • Charlotte J. Miraglia – Coneflowers and Trees
  • Connie Adams – Shell Ginger Triptych I
  • Dan Knepper – Fallen 2
  • Fayth Reed – Beach Rocks
  • Noah Flores  – Night Out On The Town
  • Judy McCoy – Butterfly
  • Nancy Riedell  – Tulips in New York City

Congratulations to the October 2012 Monthly Voting Gallery Winners!

Be sure to enter our Art Contest, find out how HERE.

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