Juliette Aristides Book Signing: “Classical Painting Atelier” at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Juliette Aristides 4-13-08 Book signing at DANIEL SMITH

 Sunday, April 13th, Classical Realist Painter Juliette Aristides was at the DANIEL SMITH Store in Seattle to sign copies of her beautiful new book; “Classical Painting Atelier” and talk with visitors. Before I asked Juliette to sign my copy, I spent some time going through the book enjoying the lush oil paintings in the book. I had not had the opportunity to see the book before the launch and Juliette’s’ signing, so I am glad I did, so that I … Continue reading

Watercolors on Wallis Paper and Pastel with Anne Olwin, Demostration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

Anne Olwin demo 2-23-8

 One of last February’s weekend Free demos at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store was with Anne Olwin .  Anne’s demo was on techniques for working on Wallis Sanded Professional Grade Pastel Paper using DANIEL SMITH Watercolors and Sennelier Soft Pastels. For an one hour seminar, Anne Olwin was able to give a lot of information, tips and techniques packed into that space of time! For the watercolor portion, Anne worked on a sheet of the Wallis paper (about 16 X 20) … Continue reading

Watercolor Demonstration with Kathy Collins at the Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Store

Kathy Collins watercolor demo at the Daniel Smith store in Bellevue 3-29-08

 Last Saturday Watercolorist Kathy Collins demonstrated some of her watercolor techniques to a full house at the Daniel Smith Art Supply Store in Bellevue . The Free demo was: “Watercolor: Impressionistic Watercolors“ Kathy painted on a full sheet of watercolor paper a composition of boats docked, nearby was a similar painting matted and framed on an easel facing the audience, as a point of reference for us. We watched as Kathy applied the DANIEL SMITH watercolors to her penciled in sketch … Continue reading

MULTI-MEDIA: Basic Introduction to Using InkAID with Karin Schminke, Demonstration at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store

Karin Schminke Demo 3-7-08

Karin Schminke demonstration  Karin Schminke’s recent FREE demo at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store allowed those who attended to see and learn a few of the techniques she likes to use in her Multi-Media Digital Printmaking work. Many more are discussed in much deeper detail in her book, with Dorothy Simpson Krause and Bonny Pierce Lhotka, the “Digital Art Studio “. This is a very process oriented way of making Art, and Karin talked about how important it is to … Continue reading

Free Pastel Portrait Demonstration with Yanshu Hsu at the DANIEL SMITH Store in Seattle

Yanshu Hsu answering questions after her free demonstration on Pastel Painting at Daniel Smith March 2008

 While it was cool and gray outside at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store for last Saturdays’ (March 15th 2008) FREE demo with Yanshu Hsu demonstrating Pastel Portraits, inside Yanshu brought light to her Indigo Blue Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper when she applied her Unison Soft Pastels to paint her Nice’s portrait. The group who attended the demo watched intently while Yanshu added the light flesh tones to her sketched out figure in dark blue and dark red/orange (sorry I forgot … Continue reading

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