DANIEL SMITH Watercolor for Camping and Hiking

DANIEL SMITH Staff Rave:  Jodi Steele’s Watercolor Travel kit for Camping and Hiking When setting up supplies for painting with watercolors on the go, I was so inspired by Brenda Swenson’s Forbidden Fruit artwork – that I had to put together a set of my own. Initially I created a set using almost the same colors with a Heritage palette and it was great, until I took it camping and tried to put it into my day pack, with my … Continue reading

Everyone Loves DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Gold Watercolor!

Quinacridone Gold Watercolor by DANIEL SMITH

  It’s our First Wednesday Watercolor so in honor of that, I am spotlighting our very popular DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Gold, also known as Quin Gold! Quinacridone Gold is just one of 239+ DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors ( The Best Watercolors for Artists!) and is an amazing transparent color for glazing and mixing. Our Quin Gold Watercolor has a warm, glowing transparency that is perfect alone, for glazing or for underpainting. As a mixer, Quinacridone Gold is an excellent low-staining golden … Continue reading

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