INKSMITH: “Naumburg Cathedral: A Watercolor Demonstration Using Grisaille” By Molly Hashimoto

  “Naumburg Cathedral: A Watercolor Demonstration Using Grisaille” By Molly Hashimoto Last summer I traveled to Saxony in eastern Germany. There I visited the centuries-old city of Naumburg to see the cathedral and the famous stone carvings of the medieval artist known as the Naumburg Meister. Carvings of the twelve cathedral founders, including Uta and Ekkehard, encircle the west choir, exhibiting a startling psychological realism seen nowhere else in 13th-century art. They look as if they might step down from … Continue reading

DANIEL SMITH Cadmium Red Medium Hue Watercolor

Cadmium Red Medium Hue Extra Fine Watercolor by DANIEL SMITH

Our DANIEL SMITH Cadmium Red Medium Hue Extra Fine Watercolor (the best watercolor for Artists’) is a true stop sign red with all of best qualities of Cadmium Red Medium, but better! We have developed our safe, vibrant  New Cadmium Hue Watercolors to replace our cadmiums with formulas that provide all the density and richness of classic cadmium colors.  Our hues are virtually identical in color to their namesakes, but cleaner in mixtures and stronger in tints, a little goes a long … Continue reading

Landscape Painting in Pastels with Jerry Baldwin. Demonstration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

 Last Saturday, July 5th, one of the FREE weekend demos at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store was with Landscape Artist Jerry Baldwin . Jerry was demonstrating some of his tips for painting Landscapes with Pastels . First, Jerry likes to pre-paint in watercolor on Wallis Sanded Paper , the basic shapes, and colors he sees in the landscape he will be doing in pastel. It has excellent “tooth” for the pastel and heavy enough not to buckle when the watercolor paint … Continue reading

Watercolors on Wallis Paper and Pastel with Anne Olwin, Demostration at Seattle DANIEL SMITH

Anne Olwin demo 2-23-8

 One of last February’s weekend Free demos at the DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store was with Anne Olwin .  Anne’s demo was on techniques for working on Wallis Sanded Professional Grade Pastel Paper using DANIEL SMITH Watercolors and Sennelier Soft Pastels. For an one hour seminar, Anne Olwin was able to give a lot of information, tips and techniques packed into that space of time! For the watercolor portion, Anne worked on a sheet of the Wallis paper (about 16 X 20) … Continue reading

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