Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs Demonstrate in Video, Painting with DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint

Theresa Goesling & Cindy Briggs Teaching Watercolor Workshops in Positano

Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling from Make Every Day A, have been fans of DANIEL SMITH for years and, as professional artists and international watercolor workshop instructors, they both paint and teach with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors.  What was missing on their palettes was a color that could quickly and easily, tone down colors and make rich darks, a color that “neutralizes” other colors.Theresa and Cindy asked DANIEL SMITH to develop a neutral tint, a color that has been used for centuries by artists, each artist mixing their own version of neutral gray.

DANIEL SMITH’s chemist has developed a perfect neutral gray, neither warm nor cool, that quickly and reliably tones down colors and mixes rich, luminescent darks.  Artists will find our DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint to be an essential tool to add to their palettes, expanding their range of colors.In the following videos, please watch Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs paint using the DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint, talk about why Neutral Tint is a wonderful tool for artists, and demonstrate color mixing with it.

The first video features Theresa Goesling and her painting “Tratorria Monterosso”.  The second video is Cindy Briggs and her painting “Burano Colours”.


Tratorria, Monterosso, watercolor painting by Theresa Goesling

“Tratorria, Monterosso” by Theresa Goesling

Theresa Goesling “Tratorria Monterosso” painting with Neutral Tint video

Burano Colours, watercolor painting by Cindy Briggs

“Burano Colours” by Cindy Briggs

Cindy Briggs “Burano Colours” painting with Neutral Tint Video

DANIEL SMITH is very excited to have created this helpful tool for artists and would like to thank Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling for suggesting Neutral Tint!

For a limited time, we are offering a Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goseling Neutral Tint  Watercolor 12 Color Mixing Set with with a FREE 238-Dot Try-It DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Card and FREE Watercolor Brush, Size 8 Round!  These 12 colors are some of the colors that are used in Theresa and Cindy’s paintings in these videos.  With the FREE 238 Try-It Watercolor Card, you can see how our Neutral Tint mixes with most of our other DANIEL SMITH Watercolors! Adding our DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint to your watercolors allows you to:

  • *  Quickly and reliably darken a color and keep it’s transparency.
  • *  Get gorgeous glowing darks when mixing with Neutral Tint rather than muddy colors.
  • *  It tones down colors.
  • *  Helpful for beginning artists to enjoy painting with watercolors without worrying about muddying their colors, and convenient for experienced artists too!
  • *  Makes lovely, colorful shadows when mixed with colors
  • *  When working with a limited palette, Neutral Tint is a great choice because it is the complement to every color!
  • *  Great for travel sketching when palette space is limited, and still be able to create a good range of colors.
  • *  Reliably darkens a color like using the color’s complement – without having to use the exact complement.
  • *  And it is wonderful alone for quick value sketches.

DANIEL SMITH Neutral Tint:

  • *  Excellent lightfast rating
  • *  Non-granulating
  • *  Low-staining
  • *  Semi-transparent watercolor

We know you will love adding our Neutral Tint to your watercolors!

Thank you Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling! 

Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs are co-authors of “Make Every Day A Painting” and teach their international watercolor workshops at  Make Every Day A .   Theresa Goesling is featured in Splash 13 and shown in AWS, and Cindy Briggs  has been featured in numerous NWS and WFWS shows.  Both are professional art directors, signature members of Northwest Watercolor Society and their work is published in America’s Best of Watercolors III.

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